۱- Repair of electronic boards and repairs and planning of PLCs and related drives

Due to the high cost and problems of providing electronic components, Idea Gostar Company, in addition to providing this type of components, motors, boards, anchors and inverters for economic solution of electronic problems, specialized repair services to increase service life and reduce customer costs. Is. Services such as planning, updating and repairing used inverters, installing inverter systems, replacing and updating media on keyboards and screens of machines, etc., which help in managing the cost and speed of return of machines to the production line will be.

2- Specialized repairs and optimization of textile machines

This company is a dear customer with networking and knowledge of domestic and foreign experts and technicians to eliminate defects and improve the performance of textile machines, and by concluding a technical support contract, has made the best kind of services available to craftsmen.

3. Installation of textile machines

In this section, the company with the participation of consultants and international engineering services companies is able to provide all services with world standards and class to the country’s textile factories. Speed, quality of installation, managed cost and commitment to start the machine are the advantages of our company to provide this type of service.

4- Consulting for reconstruction and modernization in the form of selection and purchase and sale of production line machines and preparation of feasibility plans

Due to the nature of this company as a comprehensive and specialized center of engineering services, in recent years by creating this department we have tried to provide a complete and unique service by looking project-oriented to the needs of customers in creating or developing new investments. To focus on receiving services from layout design, machine selection, justification report, purchase, transportation, packaging and transfer of machines, and after clearance, installation, commissioning and deployment of the system to the extent of Turn Key projects. It is a pain to be with the investors of the old textile industry.