Visit of managers of two Indian companies active in the field of clothing from Imam Jawad University (AS), Yazd

The director of the department of sewing and apparel designation has visited the executives and experts of the Indian companies “Takeshkam” and “Minister” from Imam Javad University.

Ms. Bina Uliaa, speaking to the Public Relations Department of the University, said that after the intensive follow up of Ideshgoster, an advisor to the textile industry, a three-day trip by Takeshkam and Vizier, the multinational corporations executives, dated Saturday 19 Beginning in November, Iran began. The Indian delegation visited the Yazd industrial town on the first day of its visit, visiting various productions in the areas of yarn, fabric and fabric. He added that the managers of these two companies, who were known as “Producer” and “Quality Improvement Consultant” in the world of clothing, were on the second day of their visit to Yazd University of Imam Javad (AS). The purpose of the visit was an hour and a half with Mr. Eng. Farrokhnia, Mr. Zarin Abadi (both from Ideaghostar Company), Dr. Faroogh Amir Jalili and Sarkar Ms. Mona Razzaghi, familiar with the educational environment of the university and design workshops. Stitching and clothing, pulp, texture, printing, as well as increased mutual cooperation in order to acquire knowledge and enhance the skills of students in the field of clothing.



Ms. Ulia added that at the meeting of the Indian delegation, Mr. Prashant Agarwal, from the Minister and Mr. Rajagora Raja from Tekkam Co., discussed with Mr. Dr. Mirjalili the university’s deputy, about the feasibility of expanding the activities of the garment industry, and, thankfully, both sides at the same time Expressing their satisfaction with providing this opportunity, they emphasized the increasing interaction of work and mutual learning.

On Sunday evening, a joint meeting of the Indian delegation with producers of textile and clothing was held at the Yazd Chamber of Commerce. Various visits to other centers and apparel departments were part of the final day of the trip.

Ms. Oliya expressed her hope for increasing cooperation with the two companies, introducing the development of clothing products of Imam Javad University as the vision of the department of designing sewing and clothing.

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