Installation services, repairing and updating for textile machineries:

Regarding industrial companies for upgrading their systems by second hand machines, must be noted that uninstalling second hand machines by international standards, marking machinery pieces for install planning, calculating missed spare parts and balancing machineries are very important. In the Ideh Gosta Sanat company we can handle these jobs in professional way for you.

Ideh Gostar Company with 14 years work experience and perfect background special on spinning systems can handle services in the below:

  1. installing spinning machineries with local/foreign specialist people under the international standards
  2. uninstalling and erection of second hand machineries with technical details reports
  3. transfering second hand machineries with international standards without any damage
  4. consultancy and suppling spare parts for updating
  5. consultancy and quality control for transforming pilot productions to the final industry size
  6. second hand machineries, producing and supply spare parts repairing and service
  7. repeiring and upgrading of electric/electronic of textile factories
  8. consultancy, price, upgrading and updating of machineries